I love going away for the weekend with my friends. We usually go by car to a town or village and stay in a hotel.

We don’t have much money, so we always book the hotel online as it’s cheaper that way. We never go camping because we want to be comfortable and we don’t like sleeping in tents.


Last winter, my best friend and I decided to go skiing in the Alps. I didn’t have any skis, so I hired a pair when we got there. We decided to rent a small apartment near the ski slopes and we had a very good time. We’ll definitely go back there next year.


If you like the beach and big cities, you should go to Barcelona. In the mornings, you can go sightseeing and see all the museums and monuments. In the afternoons, you can go swimming in the sea or simply sunbathe on the beach. You don’t have to spend a lot of money as everything is very cheap. Don’t forget your camera so that you can take lots of photos.

© OUP English File Pre-intermediate 3rd edition


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