2B GRAMMAR past continuous exercise b

When Alex Jones arrived at JFK International airport she looked around but she didn’t see anybody there to meet her. A lot of people were holding cards with names on them, but they weren’t waiting for her. She didn’t know what to do, but it was a beautiful, sunny day so she decided to go to the hotel on her own.

She went outside and looked for a taxi. A lot of people were waiting so she caught the airport bus into New York. The bus stopped in Manhattan, quite near her hotel, and she got off.

She walked into the hotel and gave her name, Alexandra Jones. She was talking to the hotel receptionist when suddenly a man ran up to her. He was carrying a card which said ‘Mr Jones’.

‘Ms Jones? I’m terribly sorry! I was waiting for you at the airport but thought you were a man!’

‘That’s OK,’ said Alex. ‘It happens to me all the time!’

© OUP English File Pre-intermediate 3rd edition


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