2C GRAMMAR time sequencers and connectors exercise b

Don’t always listen to the sat nav…

Oscar Peters never wanted a sat nav because he didn’t like technology. And although his brother gave him one as a birthday present, it directed him into difficult situations.

‘My brother Jez loves gadgets and technology. Last year he gave me a sat nav for my birthday, although he knew I didn’t really want one. Jez uses his sat nav all the time because he likes listening to instructions, but I prefer using a map.

One evening, a friend of a friend phoned. She needed my help, so I agreed to drive to her house. Although I had a map in the car, I decided to use the sat nav to find her village. It was dark, and I wanted to get there as quickly as possible.

Everything was going fine, I was nearly there, but then suddenly I saw there was a small river on the left. I could see that there was a road which went through the water to the other side of the river. The sat nav said “Turn left!”

Two minutes later I followed the instruction and turned left into the water. The sat nav said “Go straight on!”, but my car was completely stuck in the mud.

I had my mobile with me, so I phoned my friend and she came to the river to help. I felt terrible because she got very cold and wet in the water.

Next day, a tractor pulled my car out of the river, but it was completely ruined by the water. I can’t believe I made such a stupid – and expensive – mistake!’

© OUP English File Pre-intermediate 3rd edition


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