3A GRAMMAR be going to (plans and predictions) Exercise b


A We’re going to miss the plane!

B No, we’re not… Wait a minute.

A What are you doing?

B I’m going to get a trolley. I can’t carry all these bags.


A Are you going to do your homework this evening?

B No, I’m not. I’m really tired. I’m not going to do anything – just sleep!


A So, do you like it here in Oxford?

B Yes, we love it! But we’re only here for a short time. We’re going to visit lots of different places.

A Where are you going to go next?

B Liverpool. We’re going to get the train there.


A How’s your daughter?

B She’s fine, thanks.

A Does she have any plans for the summer?

B Yes. She’s going to work in a bookshop for six weeks.

A Is she going to have a holiday?

B No, I don’t think she is.

© OUP English File Pre-intermediate 3rd edition


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