3B GRAMMAR present continuous (future arrangements)

1. Is he meeting Sam on Monday?
No, he isn’t.

2. When is he going to the station?
He’s going (to the station) on Sunday.

3. Who’s he taking to the hospital on Tuesday?
He’s taking his Mum.

4. When is he working?
He’s working on Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon.

5. Is he having dinner with Frank on Monday?
Yes, he is.

6. What’s he doing on Sunday morning?
He’s meeting Ellie at the station.

7. What’s he doing on Friday night?
He’s going to Frank’s party.

8. When is he going to the dentist?
He’s going on Friday morning.

9. What’s he doing on Saturday morning?
He’s shopping for Ellie’s present.

10. When is he playing tennis?
He’s playing (tennis) on Tuesday afternoon.

11. Who’s he seeing on Saturday afternoon?
He’s seeing George.

12. When is he helping his Dad?
He’s helping him on Thursday afternoon.

13. Is he going to the theatre on Wednesday?
Yes, he is.

14. Is he meeting George at the museum?
No, he isn’t.

15. What’s he doing on Sunday evening?
He’s driving to Wales with Ellie.

© OUP English File Pre-intermediate 3rd edition


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