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3C GRAMMAR defining relative clauses

November 7, 2015

1. A builder is a person who builds houses.

2. A hairdresser is somebody who cuts your hair.

3. A library is a place where you can read or borrow books.

4. A campsite is a place where people sleep in tents.

5. Mugs are things which you drink from.

6. An iPod is something which you listen to music with.

7. An architect is someone who designs buildings.

8. An internet café is a place where you can send emails and have a coffee.

9. An art gallery is a place where you can look at paintings.

10. Trainers are shoes which people wear for sport.

11. A bookshop is a place where you can buy books.

12. Scissors are things which you use to cut paper with.

13. Lipstick is something which you put on your lips.

14. A pilot is a person who flies planes.

15. A tourist is a person who visits another country.

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